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FATF Private Sector Consultative Forum 2018


Vienna, April 23-24: The Global NPO Coalition on FATF, of which Human Security Collective is a founder-member and current co-chair, was well represented at the FATF’s Private Sector Consultative Forum this year, contributing to debates during a half-day session dedicated to NPOs, FIs and DNFBPs on the evaluation as well as the risk assessment process, including on outreach to NPOs.

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NEW RESEARCH REPORT: Understanding the Drivers of ‘De-risking’ and the Impact on Civil Society Organizations

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) around the world are impacted by issues of financial access – inordinate delays in cash transfers, onerous due-diligence requirements, inability to open bank accounts and arbitrary closure of bank accounts – collectively classed as ‘de-risking’ activities by financial institutions.

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Countering the Financing of Terrorism in East Africa: Sharing of Good Practices

16-17 April, Cairo: Human Security Collective took part in a GCTF East Africa Region Working Group conference on ‘Countering the Financing of Terrorism in East Africa: Sharing of Good Practices’, which saw multi-stakeholder dialogue and debate on CFT issues faced by/in the region as well as the presentation of global best practices from civil society, policymakers, law enforcers, prosecutors, financial institutions, regulators, financial intelligence units, etc.

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Workshop on Inter-/Intra-Religious Dialogue at the G-5 Sahel level

Bamako, 3-5 April: As part of the implementation of its project to combat radicalization and violent extremism, the West African Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) organized a workshop on inter-/intra-religious dialogue with the technical and financial support of Human Security Collective (HSC).

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GIABA Regional Workshop

April 4-6, Abuja: GIABA, the FATF-Style Regional Body for West Africa conducted a regional workshop on the ‘Development of effective frameworks and structures to fight against ML/TF through Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs)’ targeted at relevant regulators, policymakers and representatives from the non-profit sector.

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Workshop on Engagement Strategy with Tunisian mentors

22-24 March, Tunis HSC, together with the Arab Institute for Human Rights, facilitated a workshop on Engagement Strategies.

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Security from a Global Youth Perspective

youth leadership, Tunisia, Mali

Almost three years ago, the United Nations Security Council unanimously adopted a groundbreaking resolution on Youth, Peace and Security (UNSCR 2250) which recognizes that “young people play an important and positive role in the maintenance and promotion of international peace and security”.

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International Stakeholder Dialogue: Ensuring Financial Services for Non-Profit Organizations

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) providing essential humanitarian and development assistance must be able to access financial services in order to carry out their activities, particularly in crisis situations and areas of conflict.

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Workshop in Tunis on Human Security Initiatives

Tunisia, youth leadership

In the first week of February 2018, HSC, together with the Arab Institute for Human Rights, organized a workshop in Tunis where mentors began developing human security initiatives to be implemented in neighbourhoods.

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Tunisia NL exchange

Exchange between Tunisian and Dutch mentors

youth leadership, Tunisia

Mentors from Delft travelled to Tunisia for a week-long exchange with their Tunisian counterparts.

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