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Cameroon: Kick-off Workshop with Youth Leaders in Northern Cameroon

Youth Leaders from across Cameroon’s Far North gather in the regional capital of Maroua to work on issues related to human security in their local areas.

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C20 panel on the financial integrity/financial inclusion conundrum

Multi-stakeholder dialogue seeking to find (and showcase existing) policy and technological solutions to the current financial access difficulties facing NPOs. 

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What the G20 can do to Ease Financial Restrictions facing Humanitarian Organizations

A blog written for the CivilSociety20 (C20) on what the G20 can do to address, at a systemic level, the problem of financial access facing nonprofit organizations (NPOs) worldwide - a problem compounded by the humanitarian need that has arisen due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  

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Human Security and COVID-19

On how the crisis is being felt in communities where we work. And how an understanding of human (in)security – of compound effects/impacts on complex, individual yet interconnected lives – is key to building resilience.

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Financial Access Issues facing CSOs in Tunisia

On the widespread derisking of CSOs in Tunisia, the drivers behind these decisions, and how this can be solved going forward. 

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Testing the Feasibility of a Human Security Approach to Combatting Violent Extremism in Palestine, Egypt and Iraq: Conclusion of the WOTRO Research Project

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Finance Roundtables, World Humanitarian Action Forum

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Parliamentary Roundtable on Pakistan's FATF Action Plan

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Side-event at the UN on safeguarding civic space

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Conversation on Counter-Terrorism Impacts on Human Rights

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