Time 4 Your Future - Haagse Hogeschool Action Research trajectory

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Together with partners Initiatives of Change and the Hague University of Applied Sciences, Human Security Collective guided a group of students through an Action Research trajectory as part of the Dutch social volunteering programme (maatschappelijke diensttijd) under the Time 4 Your Future programme. The trajectory was part of a minor on Peace Building, Justice and Human Rights.

Working in small groups of 3 to 5, they conducted interviews, surveys, participant observation, and visual analysis on human rights-related issues which impact communities in The Hague. The projects covered a diverse range of themes including safety in the streets, decolonization of the Dutch education system, the right to protest, public perceptions around drug addiction, and access to public transport.

Their research showed that much more needs to be done in order to improve the lived and experienced human rights in the city, and the findings will be delivered to the municipality together with concrete policy recommendations at the end of the project.

Watch a short video produced by the students about their experiences in the Action Research trajectory exploring human rights in Den Haag.

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