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Finance Roundtables, World Humanitarian Action Forum

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Parliamentary Roundtable on Pakistan's FATF Action Plan

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Side-event at the UN on safeguarding civic space

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Conversation on Counter-Terrorism Impacts on Human Rights

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Article - Derisking and Civil Society: Drivers, Impact and Solutions

FATF, de-risking

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Co-existence of religions: Youth religious leaders’ engagement to promote social cohesion and living together in Mali

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Advocacy activity for peacebuilding in Mopti region organized by ThinkPeace


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HSC at UN African Regional High-level Conference on CT & PVE

Tunisia, PVE, youth leadership

HSC is attending the UN African Regional High-level Conference on CT & PVE in Nairobi from July 10-11 2019, and is organizing a side- event entitled “Mentorship Approaches to build Resilience to Violent Extremism: Good practices and Challenges from practical experiences in the African Context”

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Queen Maxima Discusses De-risking of NPOs

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HSC Chapter in 'Extremisms in Africa, Part 2' Anthology

CFT, Tunisia, Nigeria

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