Security requires people to be able to speak out and act freely and fearlessly.

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Human Security Collective

Human Security Collective (HSC) is a foundation based in The Hague working on issues of development, security and the involvement of citizens in their communities and societies. We believe that the idea of Human Security with its focus on people, relationships and human rights provides an organizing frame for action.

Based on the elements of trust-creation, local ownership, empowerment and collective action, we facilitate conversation between civil society, policy shapers and other actors to promote alternative approaches to current security practice.

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Dutch Banking Association Publishes NPO Sector Standard Aimed at Curbing De-risking

The Dutch Banking Association has taken an important step towards the application of Risk Based Standards for banks’ customers. 

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FoRB Philippines: Training of Trainers

Thirty young leaders from diverse backgrounds came together for our Inclusive Youth Leadership program to hone their skills as trainers and facilitators.

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Round Table: Polarization in Dutch Society

A round table event was held to discuss polarization in Dutch society. Members and leaders of religious communities, officials, and researchers gathered to discuss effective policies based on participatory action research conducted by HSC in the PARTICIPATION programme.


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Dutch Roundtable on Financial Access for NPOs

Learn more about the Dutch Roundtable on Financial Access for NPOs and its efforts to promote financial inclusion for NPOs.


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