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The project Time 4 Your Future (T4YF), a partnership between HSC, Delft voor Elkaar and ROC Mondriaan, was kicked-off in January in the city of Delft. The project offers time and space for young people (15–23 years) to contribute to society, while learning about their talents and developing themselves further. The project is a chance for young people in the city of Delft to gain experience through volunteer work and gain a better idea about their future prospects. T4YF was kicked-off by the mayor of Delft, Marja van Bijsterveldt, who is also the ambassador of the project.

Young people are invited to sign up to participate in the project, during which they will explore their ambitions for themselves as well as for their society in a non-formal learning setting. In return, they will gain experience, broaden their network, receive training and coaching on the job, as well as a volunteer fee. This project is part of a Dutch government programme, ‘Maatschappelijke Dienstijd’ (Social Service Period), and is powered by ZonMw. More information (in Dutch)  here

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