Security requires people to be able to speak out and act freely and fearlessly.

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Human Security Collective

Human Security Collective (HSC) is a foundation based in The Hague working on issues of development, security and the involvement of citizens in their communities and societies. We believe that the idea of Human Security with its focus on people, relationships and human rights provides an organizing frame for action.

Based on the elements of trust-creation, local ownership, empowerment and collective action, we facilitate conversation between civil society, policy shapers and other actors to promote alternative approaches to current security practice.

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FoRB Cameroon workshop IV: Engaging with authorities

In late May, Human Security Collective and our partner Dynamique Mondiale des Jeunes organized the fourth Inclusive Leadership Workshop as part of the Freedom of Religion and Belief programme in the Far North of Cameroon. Read more here. 

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Time 4 Your Future - Haagse Hogeschool Action Research trajectory

Together with partners Initiatives of Change and the Hague University of Applied Sciences, Human Security Collective guided a group of students through an Action Research trajectory as part of the Dutch social volunteering programme (maatschappelijke diensttijd) under the Time 4 Your Future programme.

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ARC Regional Exchange and Learning Event

A report highlighting the main results of the regional exchange and learning event of four ARC (Addressing Root Causes) programs from Burundi, DRC and Mali is now available in French. 

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New Article: Can stakeholder dialogues help solve financial access restrictions faced by non-profit organizations?

Read the article in the International Review of the Red Cross by Lia van Broekhoven and Sangeeta Goswami on the multi-stakeholder dialogue engagement mechanism to help solve the financial exclusion challenges of nonprofits stemming from counterterrorism frameworks.

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