Security requires people to be able to speak out and act freely and fearlessly.

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Human Security Collective

Human Security Collective (HSC) is a foundation based in The Hague working on issues of development, security and the involvement of citizens in their communities and societies. We believe that the idea of Human Security with its focus on people, relationships and human rights provides an organizing frame for action.

Based on the elements of trust-creation, local ownership, empowerment and collective action, we facilitate conversation between civil society, policy shapers and other actors to promote alternative approaches to current security practice.

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Do the ends justify the means?: A conversation on the effects and effectiveness of the Dutch policy to counter terrorism financing

As part of the Just Peace Month, Human Security Collective is hosting a conversation to discuss the consequences and impact of the Dutch counter terrorism financing (CFT) policy. 

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CFCS Podcast

HSC's Executive Director Lia van Broekhoven spoke about FATF's unintended consequences in relation to Non-Profit Organisations in Centre for Financial Crime and Security Studies (CFCS) at RUSI podcast.


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Why so many Tunisians don’t care whether what happened on the 25th of July was a coup or not…

Read this insightful piece by our MENA coordinator on the current situation in Tunisia, and why ordinary Tunisians do not much care whether what transpired on the 25th of July, 2021 is labelled a coup or not.   

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Freedom of Religion and Belief Youth Leadership Trajectory: Cameroon

Over a period of four days, 32 young leaders from Boko Haram-affected areas of Cameroon's Far North region came together to develop grassroot initiatives aimed at reinforcing human security in their communities. 

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