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An overview of the reports HSC has written or been directly involved in writing. 

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Handbook Time to Engage with Youth at Centre Stage

2019 - The HSC Approach to Youth Leadership on Preventing Violent Extremism. This handbook is a guide for those seeking to familiarize themselves with our Human Security approach to Youth Leadership

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Shadowreport 2242:Protecting us by Tying our Hands

2019 - Report by WO=MEN in collaboration with HSC on impact of measures to counter terrorism financing on Dutch NGO’s working on women’s human rights and gender equality.

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Hole in the Bucket: Impact of De-risking on NPOs

2019 - The Hole in the Bucket: The Impact of De-risking on Non-Profit Organizations. Who loses out in the global push for individual financial inclusion? By HSC & Dimes Consultancy.

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Extremisms in Africa, Part 2 Anthology

2019 - Human Security Collective has contributed a chapter in the new volume on 'Extremisms in Africa', looking at the impact of terrorism financing rules and regulations on civic space, including case studies from Tunisia, Uganda and Nigeria.

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Understanding the Drivers of De Risking

2018 - HSC and ECNL report, seeking to understand the phenomenon of de-risking as it stems from global anti-money laundering (AML) and countering the financing of terrorism (CFT) rules, examining these in relation to decisions made leading to derisiking.

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Community-Based Preventive & Remedial Measures PVE

2018 - A Human Security Approach to Help Transform Conflicts, Improve Social Cohesion and Improve Local Security in International Annals of Criminology.

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OpenDemocracy: De-risking and non-profits

2017- Ben Hayes, Lia van Broekhoven and Vanja Skoric write about 'De-risking and non-profits: how do you solve a problem that no-one wants to take responsibility for?' They analyze the problem and discuss possible solutions

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Persoonlijk Contact Kan Geweld in de Kiem Smoren

2015 - [Dutch] HSC & ICCO write in the Dutch daily Trouw. Making a case, in light of the attacks in Paris, for not going down the route of introducing measures similar to or worse introduced by the authorities after 9/11

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CT Measures and their Effects on the WPS Agenda

2015 - Policy brief on 'Counterterrorism Measures and their Effects on the Implementation of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda', following on from the discussion organised by WPP, HSC, WinG India and EWI

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Inclusive Approaches to Community Policing & CVE

2014 - Georgia Holmer, USIP and Fulco van Deventer, HSC write about 'Inclusive Approaches to Community Policing and CVE' in this Special Report

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Addressing Foreign Terrorist Fighters Phenomenon

2014 - Addressing the Foreign Terrorist Fighters Phenomenon from an European Union Perspective - a Policy Brief.

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