Blog: ‘The Hole in the Bucket: The Impact of De-risking on Non-Profit Organizations’

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The Hole in the Bucket: The Impact of De-risking on Non-Profit Organizations

Who loses out in the global push for individual financial inclusion?

This blog, written by HSC with Dimes Consultancy and published on the FinDev Gateway, raises awareness of how the debate around financial inclusion has largely ignored the financial exclusion faced by non-profit organizations around the world. An extract:

‘The focus of these debates, however, has been the effect of de-risking on the micro level and the individual consumer, and not on the organizations which are crucial to supporting these inclusion processes. While we see a global push for financial inclusion at the individual level on the one hand, whole groups are at risk of falling out of the system on the other, a veritable “hole in the bucket” which needs to be plugged with some urgency. We would like to draw attention to these organizations, as a growing body of evidence shows that the non-profit sector is bearing the brunt of de-risking decisions.’

Read the full blog here.

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