Staff and Board

Jeanne Abdulla, Director of Programmes

jeanneJeanne has over 15 years of expertise in conflict transformation. While at Cordaid, she managed and worked with a diverse network of civil society representatives in the Middle East on youth engagement, women’s rights, conflict transformation and humanitarian aid. Currently she provides training and facilitation sessions on youth leadership in high risk areas such as West Africa, East Africa and the MENA region, in addition to strengthening the capacity of youth networks in the field of policy engagement on countering violent extremism.
Jeanne has an MA in Anthropology as well as a postgraduate degree in International Relations.  P:+31 6 12 27 95 87 T

Lia van Broekhoven, Executive Director

liaLia has worked as researcher, policy advisor and development practitioner in a number of countries in Latin America, South and SE Asia, as well as in the UK and US, with UNFPA, FAO, Natural Resources Institute, World Bank and others. As policy advisor at Cordaid, she set up an initiative in 2007 that strengthened the engagement of civil society with governments and international organizations on counter-terrorism related issues, highlighting the importance of the operational and political space for civil society in furthering human rights, conflict prevention and development. This grew into a community of interest working towards complementing current hard security and counter-terrorism policies and practices with civil society and community practices grounded in lived reality. Human Security Collective grew out of this initiative, and was founded by Lia in 2013 along with colleagues Fulco van Deventer and Jeanne Abdulla. Lia focuses particularly on reforming current counter-terrorism strategies and standards such as the Financial Action Task Force international standard on Anti Money Laundering/Countering the Financing of Terrorism into guidance practices that expand and protect civil society space, and the space for communities to genuinely and effectively engage security actors.
Lia has an MA in cultural anthropology and sociology (Leiden).
E: P:+31 6 29 48 98 66

Fulco van Deventer, Deputy Director

fotofulcoFulco has been a consultant on governmental reform in the Caribbean Island States and on post-war reconstruction in Lebanon. In a long-term assignment for Dutch funding agencies, he has worked with a large variety of civil society organizations in Vietnam, India, Colombia, Guatemala, West-Africa and the Middle-East in building their institutional capacities. In the last ten years he has focused mainly on civil society actors in conflict areas and fragile states and their role in conflict prevention and countering violent extremism. While at Cordaid, he worked on facilitating dialogue with international policy makers in order to set adequate conditions so that civil society actors can play an effective role in security issues and conflict prevention. In order to take this work further, he founded Human Security Collective with Lia van Broekhoven and Jeanne Abdulla in 2013.
Fulco has degrees in psychology (Leiden) and business administration (Erasmus, SDA Bocconi).
E: P:+31 6 12 27 94 58

Theophile Djedjebi, Senior Programme Manager

Theophile is a social scientist and agricultural economist with over 25 years of experience grounded in rural development and action-oriented research. He demonstrates a deep understanding of the interaction between local and global socio-economic challenges as well as unique skills to facilitate multi-stakeholder dialogue for sustainable conflict resolution over resource use. With extensive experience, he has designed, carried out, managed, monitored and evaluated Benin and Dutch universities' joint research cooperation programmes as well as emergency and development strategies for both local government and diverse International Organizations such as Oxfam-Quebec, SNV, Cordaid, Care International, ZOA, DAI Europe Ltd, GIZ, as well as UNICEF, Swiss Cooperation, EU, DFID, IFAD, UNCDF, World Bank and USAID-funded programs. While aiming for a holistic approach towards development programmes and conflict prevention, Theophile's focus is on the improvement of people’s livelihoods in highly dynamic regional and global contexts where people need to develop the structures and systems to function best. He has vast experience in Sub-Saharan Africa and in The Netherlands and is fluent in French and English. Theophile has a PhD in Social Sciences (University of Leiden), an MA in Agricultural and Rural Development (ISS, The Hague) and an Engineering degree in Agricultural Economy (University of Benin).      
E:  P: +31 6 55 79 53 16


Sangeeta Goswami, Advocacy and Communications Officer

sangeetaSangeeta coordinates advocacy and external communications for HSC. A focus area includes mitigating the adverse impact of counter-terrorism law and regulation on the operational space of civil society. She is an active part of the civil-society coalition that facilitates dialogue between civil society, policy shapers and other actors to enhance alternative approaches to current security practice. A longstanding project involves examining and mitigating the consequences of countering-the-financing-of-terrorism policies and regulations on nonprofits: advocating change at the policy-level while raising awareness and building capacity on the ground. This is complementary to HSC’s core work, which involves the fostering of resilience in communities by understanding the human security concerns and challenges faced by individuals and communities, and harnessing and building capacity for bottom-up initiatives to address these. Prior to this she worked as a researcher for the Centre for the Analysis of Social Exclusion (CASE) and the Public Policy Group, both at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
Sangeeta has an MSc in Social Policy and Planning (LSE). Apart from her background in policy, she has twelve years of publishing experience as editor and writer, and an earlier MPhil degree in English Literature (Delhi).

Yasmine Haloui, Local Coordinator, Tunisia

Yasmine is the local coordinator working on the 'Building Youth Resilience in Tunisia and The Netherlands' project, based in Tunisia.  
Yasmine grew up in Tunisia and moved to The Netherlands when she was 20.  After the revolution in January 2011 she decided to return to Tunisia and got actively involved with various local associations involved in Human Rights, governance and civic engagement as well as cultural affairs. She worked as a research assistant at DIGNITY - the Danish Institute Against Torture. 
Yasmine studied Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (Utrecht) and holds an MA in Conflict Studies and Human Rights (Utrecht).


Thalia Malmberg, Programme Officer

Thalia Malmberg is a programme officer, currently working on a project focussing on Women, Peace and Security in Libya, as well as on various other HSC projects on youth leadership. She previously worked for Women Peacemakers Program, an organization that specialized in gender-sensitive active nonviolence.
Thalia was born and raised on the island of Aruba, and moved to The Netherlands in 2010.  She has a BA in Social Sciences from Amsterdam University College and an MA in Conflict Resolution and Governance from the University of Amsterdam.

Esther Rutten, Management Assistant

Esther has worked as an administrative assistant in various organizations, most recently at Justice and Peace, Netherlands.  She works for Human Security Collective on a part-time basis.
Esther has an education in finance.  

Siebrich Visser, Programme Officer

siebrichfotoSiebrich's work is related largely to the Youth Leadership programme. Currently, she coordinates the ‘Building Youth Resilience in Tunisia and the Netherlands’ project, working with partner civil society organizations and facilitating workshops with youth on analyzing local security, as well as developing theories of change and engagement strategies. Siebrich has also been working with civil society in Mali on a human security approach to preventing violent extremism. Previously she worked for the Dutch Human Rights Platform and Justice and Peace, Netherlands. 
Siebrich studied Cultural Anthropology (Utrecht) and holds an MA in Human Rights and Cultural Diversity (Essex). P: +31 6 54 39 49 25


Lex Oostendorp, Chair

LexLex is a retired army General. During his time in the Dutch military he was Director of Operations at the Ministry of Defense (2007-2010) and Inspector-General of the Netherlands Armed Forces. After his retirement, he accepted the challenge of linking his military background with the mission of Human Security Collective (HSC). He is convinced that HSC’s approach is an important and crucial component of security in the modern world. See here for an interview with Lex.

Elsine van Os

Elsine, Founder and CEO of Signpost Six, is a Clinical Psychologist and Intelligence and Security Expert. Elsine has worked on high profile assignments for the Dutch Ministry of Defense and Shell International, where she held global responsibility for security threat assessments and management at country-, asset- and individual-levels. Elsine has worked in various capacities in over 50 countries, including often in high-risk regions such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and Colombia. In her work, she has designed, developed and executed methodologies to develop management team members’ and employees’ security consciousness and risk assessment skills. Elsine founded Signpost Six to teach professionals not only how to use these skills effectively, but also how to be able to identify ‘signposts’ that could potentially lead to adverse impacts on an organization.

David Cortright

davidDavid is the Director of Policy Studies at the Kroc Institute and Chair of the Board of the Fourth Freedom Forum. The author/editor of 17 books, most recently Ending Obama’s War (2011, Paradigm) and Towards Nuclear Zero (Routledge, IISS, 2010) he also is the editor of ‘Peace Policy’, Kroc’s online journal. He blogs at

Klaas Jansen, Treasurer

Pasfoto klaasKlaas is Treasury Controller at GrandVision NV leading the treasury reporting function, supervising the treasury (hedge) accounting activities, ensuring compliance with treasury policies and compliance reporting to banks. He has an Executive Masters in Finance and Control (RC) from Nyenrode University. He devotes part of his time to the financial sustainability of HSC, his role as treasurer appealing to him as he believes strongly in conflict prevention and human security.