Global Forum on Youth, Peace and Security, Amman


21.08.2015 – 22.08.2015: The Global Forum, hosted by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, has been envisaged as a turning point towards a new international agenda on youth, peace and security. Young people, youth-led organizations, non-governmental organizations, governments and UN entities came together to agree on a common vision and roadmap to partner with young people to prevent conflict, counter violent extremism and build lasting peace. Partnering with young people is seen as the key to building sustainable and inclusive peace. Jeanne Abdulla of the Human Security Collective contributed to the discussion on preventing and countering violent extremism. See here for the concept note and here for the draft agenda. For press coverage on Jeanne’s panel discussing the push and pull factors leading to violent extremism and the importance of engaging with youth in countering it, see here.

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