Exchange between Tunisian and Dutch mentors

Tunisia NL exchange

Mentors from Delft travelled to Tunisia for a week-long exchange with their Tunisian counterparts.  During the week, they discussed the human security issues in their respective neighbourhoods and shared their working methods with each other. They found similarities as well as differences regarding issues at stake in their neighbourhoods and gained new insights. As a Tunisian mentor said: ‘It was hard to imagine issues like racism and discrimination in such a developed country.’ Regarding the Tunisian context, one of the Dutch youth workers said: ‘I expected that after the revolution there would have been more concrete change and improvement in the daily life of the Tunisian citizens’. During the week of exchange, Dutch and Tunisian mentors inspired each other with their experiences. Tunisian mentors, for example, started homework classes for the youth in their neighbourhood based on the example of one of the Dutch mentors. The exchange was collectively organized by the Arab Institute for Human Rights; Participe Delft and Human Security Collective.

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