Time to Engage with Youth at Centre Stage: The HSC Approach to Youth Leadership on Preventing Violent Extremism

This handbook lays out the Human Security Collective approach to Youth Leadership in the context of Violent Extremism. Based on programmatic work carried out in the past few years, it sets out the four main components of this approach, namely:

• Envisioning,
• Empowering,
• Engagement, and
• Exchange.

Besides the practical details on implementing such an approach, the handbook also contains a wealth of stories of inspiration as well as recommendations and best practice from those involved. We trust that their insights and creative practice will inspire you in your work, possibly in different contexts from ours, benefitting from the rich experience of these young leaders, and setting the stage towards ensuring that youth living in marginalized communities are willing to engage in the prevention of Violent Extremism on their own terms and in their own time.