Newspaper Articles

  • On the de-risking by banks and its consequences, especially on remittances.
    Fulco van Deventer shares his thoughts in this article in De Groene Amsterdammer( 18/09/2015)


  • Lia van Broekhoven and Fulco van Deventer, along with Jonathan Huseman, write in the Dutch daTrouw_24 January_Opinionily Trouw (24/01/2015) about how in-person contact and human connections can prevent violence. They make a case, in light of the attacks in Paris, for not going down the route of introducing measures similar to or worse than those introduced by the authorities after 9/11, and stress the need to look at what binds us as a society or community.
    Trouw_24 January_Opinion

Recent Papers

KnipselAddressing the Foreign Terrorist Fighters Phenomenon from a European Union Perspective
Policy Brief




HSC REPORT side event June 10 F-1

Report of the Side-event of Fourth Biennial Review of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy, June 10 2014, NYC
Practices and reflections on development, security, and peace in context of violent extremism and terrorism







Reports and Publications

  • Friend-not-Foe-2-1Opening Spaces for Civil Society Engagement to Prevent Violent Extremism Friend not Foe


  • Counter-terrorism, ‘Policy Laundering’ and the FATF: legalising surveillance, regulating civil society Reportfatf-report-1














Training Methods

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  • Fortalecimiento organizacional, un aporte a la construcción de paz: Modulo c