Preventing Violent Extremism/Conflict Transformation

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On Countering Violent Extremism and Human Security in Mali: a blog by Siebrich Visser (Jun 2015).
WPS_FlikrBlog by WPP, with HSC input, on the impact of counter-terrorism measures on the 
Women, Peace and Security agenda, published by the Oxford Research Group (May 2015). 
For a policy brief on 'Counterterrorism Measures and their Effects on the Implementation 
of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda', following on from the discussion organised by 
WPP, HSC, WinG India and EWI and hosted by the Permanent Mission of the Netherlands 
to the UN in New York (Mar 2015), see here.
Trouw_24 January_Opinion
Lia van Broekhoven and Fulco van Deventer of HSC, along with Jonathan Huseman of ICCO, 
write in the Dutch daily Trouw (24/01/2015) about how in-person contact and human connections can 
prevent violence. They make a case, in light of the attacks in Paris, for not going down the route of introducing 
measures similar to or worse than those introduced by the authorities after 9/11, and stress the need to look at 
what binds us as a society or community.
'Building Peace in Permanent War: Terrorist Listing and Conflict Transformation': A report by ISCI and TNI, 
supported by Berghof Foundation (2015)
HSC REPORT side event June 10 F-1'Practices and Reflections on Development, Security and Peace in the Context of Violent Extremism and Terrorism:
A Multi-stakeholder Approach to Preventing and Mitigating Extreme Violence'. HSC Report on side-event held during
the fourth biennial review of  the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy (10/06/2014). Contents include: 
1: Civil society engagement and a human security approach on countering violent extremism in Mali           
2: Intra- and Inter-faith dialogue to preventing and countering violent extremism  
3: Reintegrating violent extremist offenders: a role for government and communities
4: Role of young community leaders in fostering resilient communities
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Georgia Holmer, USIP and Fulco van Deventer, HSC write about 'Inclusive Approaches to Community Policing and CVE' 
in this Special Report (2014).
Friend not Foe: A report by David Cortright et al. on opening spaces for civil society 
engagement to prevent violent extremism. Commissioned by Lia van Broekhoven 
and Fulco van Deventer (May 2011).