West Africa & Sahel

Our work here is:

  • In Mali, where HSC is working with partners to address systemic problems underlying conflict and violence, and is developing, with women, youth, community and religious leaders, a human security approach to address security-related problems faced by communities.
  • In Nigeria, capacitating local NPO partners on the FATF process, and helping build their engagement and advocacy strategies with relevant authorities to mitigate the impact of counter-terror rules and regulations on their operating space.

  • Regionally, with GIABA, the FATF-Style Regional Body for West Africa, and with G-5 Sahel, the body overseeing regional cooperation for development policies and security matters in West Africa (comprising five Sahel countries: Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger). 

  • In Cameroon, with partner Mensen met een Missie and local partners, a  bottom-up approach to build and strengthen social harmony in vulnerable local communities in the North. The project will build on the existing structures of the faith communities (interreligious peace committees) and traditional chiefdoms at the grassroots to strengthen mechanisms for conflict transformation and social cohesion.The strategy will involve the capacity building of grassroots communities, including the advocacy with and lobbying of government authorities.