Human Security Collective (HSC) is a foundation with a strong background in development, conflict transformation and security. We operate worldwide on issues of security and the involvement of citizens and their communities. We believe that the idea of human security provides an organizing frame for security action.

Issues we focus on include:

  • the nexus between security, development and human rights
  • promoting youth leadership on human security and conflict transformation. Empowering young changemakers to create a secure, just and sustainable world
  • terrorism financing and the enabling environment for civil society
  • civil–military approaches

The organization is based in The Hague and maintains partnerships with civil society, academia and governments in the MENA-region, West-Africa, South and South-east Asia, Central Asia, Latin America, as well as Europe and the US. The Human Security Collective facilitates, in collaboration with the United Nations, dialogue processes between governments and civil society on  security and CVE.

How we Work:

We put human security into practice by:

  • connecting local human security with global security
  • engaging civil society with important security agendas on conflict prevention, counter terrorism and de-radicalization
  • convening, coordinating and facilitating dialogue between civil society, policy shapers and other actors in order to enhance alternative approaches to current security and counter terrorism practise
  • encouraging and supporting practitioners to document, analyze and disseminate their security alternatives among civil society, and security and development actors
  • enabling governments to build meaningful and trustworthy engagement and partnerships with civil society on security matters

Additionally, HSC is a hub and facilitates a network of civil society leaders working on a broad spectrum of security related issues.