Human Security Outreach

10th Anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1624

Human Security Collective took part in the 10th anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1624 on 14th September 2015 in New York organized by the United Nations’ Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (UN_CTED). Resolution 1624 addresses the threat posed by incitement to commit terrorist acts. With the threat evolving and increasing, the issue remains relevant. Member States, UN entities, civil society representatives, and experts met to highlight the anniversary and take stock of the achievements and the challenges ahead in preventing and countering incitement. Human Security Collective’s Fulco van Deventer (seen below in the picture on the left) spoke on a panel discussing countering incitement of terrorist acts motivated by extremism and intolerance, emphasizing the human security approach in preventing and countering violent extremism. Read the UN_CTED press release on the event here.




 Review of the UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy 

Once every 2 years the UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy is reviewed. HSC faciliates a structural engagement between the UN counter terrorism bodies such as the Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force, CTITF (General Assembly) and the Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate, CTED (Security Council) and the Civil Society Network for Human Security in order to  take into account the voices and opinions of people living in areas where terrorism and violent conflict are the daily reality. The last review took place in New York in June 2014. GA Plenary Meeting on the Fourth Review of the Strategy