Annual Report 2013


  1. Best Practices Combating the Abuse of Non-Profit Organisations- Recommendation 8
  2. Objectives for FATF XXV 2013-2014 
  3. FATF President Letter to NPOs June 2013
  4. NPO Response Typology Report 

Capacity Building

  1. Women-in-Governance-Network India: Report 
  2. Care for Common Cause: training youth leadership Flyer
  3. Training youth leadership in Ghana 
  • Conference Reports

  1. Human Security Seminar in Istanbul Report
  2. Expert Meeting on CVE, Security and Development Report 
  3. Speaking Truth to Power: HR defenders expert meeting (MinBuza, Justice & Peace, HSC) Introductory Papers
  • Presentations and Publications

  1. @ UN CCT Conference on Regional and National Counter Terrorism Strategies
  2. @ UN CTITF Geneva Conference on Counter Terrorism
  3. @ the workshop for OIC memberstates on the implementation of security council resolution 1624 in Jeddah on the 28th of May 2013 OIC workshop Jeddah
  4. OIC Journal issue 24 Viewpoint HSC, a new approach to counter extremism
  5. @ Global Forum / USIP conference at Washington DC march 2013: Presentation on CVE and CS engagement
  6. @ OSCE CVERLT meeting in Kiev 2013 Presentation on PPPs