Annual Report 2012

HSC had not yet been formally established in 2012. Its activities were run as a seperate unit/program of Cordaid under the name: Political Space for Civil Society / The impact of counter terrorism measures on the political space of civil society

Financial Report 2012

Annual Narrative Report 2012


Program reports

  • Narrative reports

Closing form: Political Space Program

  • Conference reports

Sustainable Mechanisms for Preventing Violent Extremism in West Africa, Conference in Cotonou, Benin

  1. Final Report
  2. Summary Notes
  3. Presentation on Nigeria

Seguridad y Contra Terrorismo en Colombia, Central América y México, Conference in Panama

    1. Agenda
    2. report 1: La lucha contra el terrorísmo en Colombia y Suramérica
    3. report 2: Crimen organizado en Mexico
    4. report 3: Crimen Organizado y Gobernabilidad en Centroamérica 
    5. report 4: Informe Seguridad y Terrorismo Caso Centroamérica  – Presentation
    6. background report: Memorias Bogota prep-conference 09072010
    7. Summary paper: Resumen Panamá

Addressing Violent Extremism, side event in the review of the UN Global Counter Terrorism Strategy: 

  1. Report of the June 26 Global Conference Addressing Violent Extremism


  1. Counter-terrorism, ‘policy laundering’ and the FATF: legalising surveillance, regulating civil society – Report