Annual Report 2011

In 2011 HSC was not yet formally established. Its activities were run as a separate unit/program of Cordaid under the name: Political Space for Civil Society / The impact of counter terrorism measures on the political space of civil society. Part of the activities were placed under the GPPAC organisation as the UN Strategy CTM and Human Security Project

  • Financial report

Financial account 2011

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Closing form: Political Space Program

Report to Cordaid: UN Strategy CTM and Human Security Project 

  • Conference reports

Towards an effective and inclusive global counter-terrrorism policy, Roosevelt Conference Report

– link to ICCT web site on Roosevelt Conference

Opening Spaces for Civil Society Engagement to Prevent Violent Extremism Friend not Foe

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Presentation at the UNSC with Center on Global Counterterrorism Cooperation 

Antiterreurwetten VS belemmeren noodhulp, Bibi van Ginkel en Fulco van Deventer, Opinion, Trouw, 8 augustus 2011