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Refugees – Local Initiatives – Debate

Human Security Collective (HSC) along with Justice and PeaceFonds 1818 and the Nutshuis held an event on February 8, 2016, in The Hague to show the broad support there is for refugees in our region. Volunteers committed to the cause were provided with a platform to showcase their local initiatives. Additionally, the event served as a forum where people could meet, share experiences and come up with new initiatives. Those who came to The Netherlands as refugees in earlier years shared their experiences. Filmhuis Den Haag ran a special series of films relating to the topic. And there was music, a theatre workshop and good food. Initiatives were crystallized and people motivated to help and carry on working on issues of integration and inclusion.

HSC is now looking at working with partners on a long-term follow-up project centred around social cohesion in communities. See here for more. And more from us to follow soon!